Join the #StrawChallenge as we #BuildInPublic

We’ve been asked to document a digital marketing challenge using Twitter as the sales channel.  We’re in, are you?

We’ll build an ecommerce site and all the back end to sell eco-friendly bamboo straws to the general public.

The straws go on sale 5PM Sunday 30 August 2020  and end 11:59PM Wednesday 2 September 2020.

#StrawChallenge Suggestions

    Follow Along

    Straw Challenge: Intro & Part 1

    • Domain, Hosting, SSL
    • Website (WordPress)
    • Email Creation

    Stretch Goals:

    • Email capture for notifications
    • Stripe buy now button for 1 straw package
    • Stripe buy now button for support

    Straw Challenge: Part 2: Updates & Starting in

    • Update WordPress
    • Setup Trello for tasks and parking lots
    • Make first attempt to creating Roulette Wheel
    • First attempt to create Player list